Hannah's DMK Journey by Hannah

My journey with DMK started about 12 months ago. I have suffered with acne, congestion & redness for as long as I can remember.

Prior to using DMK I was using minimal, low quality products on my skin, my diet provided little nutritional value to my body and my lifestyle consisted of very little exercise, drinking, high stress levels and restless sleep.

In conjunction to this I also have been suffering with gut issues dating back to an operation I had in 2010/2011 to have my appendix removed + a course of antibiotics following. My symptoms include/d but are/were not limited to; bloating, cramping, feeling tired after eating, lack of energy, mood swings, cold sores at least once a month sometimes twice, etc. I was also sick for majority of 2018 with ongoing cold/flu like illness due to a lack of immunity function. I also had food poisoning late last year which threw out my gut health further.

When initially learning about DMK I was amazed by the scientific background of its concept; REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT & MAINTAIN, and how their main focus is to imitate the way the body, and its structures, function naturally to achieve natural results. Soon learning that what was appearing on my skin was not the root of the issue, but the symptom of a bigger dysfunction.

In January this year (2019) I began to change my diet and start regularly exercising with purpose and paying attention to my health and how my body would react to certain things. I also continued to make a conscious effort to use my prescribed DMK products correctly. I had been using DMK full homecare for almost 10 months before I had a proalpha six layer peel this April; A resurfacing and skin remodelling procedure which aims to remove dead skin cells and instigate collagen development. Designed to improve the structural integrity of the skin and help revise skin back to a youthful, healthy functioning state.

This 10 day process pushed any underlying impurities to the surface of my skin and then peeled away. I was surprised by the amount of underlying acne that was present but extremely happy with the results following the treatment and have been able to maintain this results with full home prescriptives, at home treatments and in clinic treatments. During the 10 day process I was blessed with 5 cold sores! This response from the proalpha six layer peel was not unexpected and it was my own oversight as I am prone to them and I didn't take preventatives, or mention my history of cold sores before the treatment. - lesson to take from this is to always advise your skin technician of any little detail no matter how big or small.

For myself, post peel, I have had a few spots of acne flare up every now and then which is a clear indicator of an internal trigger. To target the core of my acne and my symptoms of gut imbalances I have now started using Regul8.

The Regul8™ range includes all-natural, plant based, gluten free formulations to promote inner health and an outer glow. Regul8 is designed to support the cleansing, restoration and maintenance of digestive health, with its formulations originating from herbal medicine practices.

Firstly adding RELAX to my daily routine to help relieve restlessness, mild anxiety & stress, mental fatigue and assist healthy adrenal function, I straight away noticed my sleep was much more consistent and full, and I was falling asleep a lot quicker than usual. My feelings of stress had lowered also which in turn has a positive effect on my gut health and skin.

When stressed the blood supply to the digestive system is decreased & high levels of stress may lead to deficiency in essential fatty acids (EFA's), raised cortisol (stress hormone connected to inflammatory conditions), salt retention, reflux, disturbance in good bacteria in the gut and an increase in all the pro-inflammatory factors.

I am now doing a series of the Regul8 digestive tune-up three step cleanse, to 'weed, seed & 'feed' my digestive system and relieve the internal triggers causing my acne and inflamed redness on the skin as well as digestive issues that I face daily.

Using this concept of 'weeding' bad bacteria from the gastrointestinal system, 'seeding,' soothing, strengthening and stabilising the tissue and cell membranes, and 'feeding' probiotics and nutrients to rebalance healthy micro flora in the gut.

Supporting intestinal health and restoring the integrity of gut barrier is just as important as supporting skin health and restoring the integrity of your skins barrier and both are key when treating skin conditions.

'All health begins in the gut'- Hippocrates

I personally have taken a very progressive approach to treating my skin with DMK to keep within my means and as a result it does take a little bit longer to reap the rewards. But it was definitely worth the persistence!

Through using DMK I have gained knowledge on not just how to look after my skin but my body as a whole. There is never just one quick fix, everything in the body is linked. I have found that you need to be patient, dedicated and open to learning in order to see results. Over the past 7 months My diet has improved drastically and I am now eating foods that fuel my body with the correct energy sources. I regularly exercise with purpose and focus on getting a full nights sleep which is fast tracking my fitness goals because I am allowing my body to rest and repair instead of burning myself out. I also allocate time throughout my week to rest by either meditating, doing yoga or using the sunlighten infrared sauna in salon so that my body isn't in a constant state of stress. BONUS- I haven't had cold sore since January which is super exciting! BUT we all have hiccups and I definitely cant say that I stick to a healthy lifestyle all the time. I'm a sucker for chocolate and you just have to have balance!

Through assessing and changing the reasons WHY my skin appeared as it did rather than just focusing on the surface issue I have improved multiple aspects of my symptoms and condition as a whole.

** please consult with your DMK skin coach and other health practitioners in relation to your personal concerns and queries.


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Keep your eye out for Hannah's Regul8 Digestive Tune up review. Coming soon