Are you using your Herb and Mineral Mist correctly??!

We all love our DMK products and the many benefits they provide to retain a healthy functioning skin but are you using your products in the correct way?

DMK’s signature Herb & Mineral Mist is one of the most beneficial products for your skin but can sometimes be under utilised and wrongfully used.

It aids in the delivery of vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids to the skin ensuring that the cell has complete nutrition, think of it as a powerful multivitamin for your skin! By having such a high content of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and herbs the solution becomes polarised, meaning it breaks surface tension immediately. It also acts as a carrier for your prescribed DMK oils and crème, driving them deeper into the voids of the skin!

Herb & Mineral Mist can be used as many times throughout the day as desired for extra dermal hydration and can be sprayed over makeup.

Don’t be scared to use lots of your herb & mineral mist! You should on average be using 2/3 bottles of mist per transdermal creme. .

✔️apply your prescribed DMK oil directly onto the skin, using 1 drop on each of the four points of your face and 1 on the chest. Spray 2/3 mists onto each of the four points of your face and onto your chest, work into the skin and then repeat again with your DMK creme using a small amount on each point before misting, making sure to spray close to the skin to not waste on over spray and to avoid eye irritation.

✖️spraying 2/3 times in total away from your face for a light misting across the skin. DMK’s Herb & Mineral mist isn’t a ‘toner’, it is a product that serves a big purpose in your home care routine and will get you greater results when treating any skin condition. Herb and mineral mist is not a singular step in your home care routine (unless otherwise prescribed) it is a joint step with your oil and/or creme to help the ingredients penetrate to a level in the skin where they can be stored and used for up to 8 hours as the skin needs, and to feed the skin with essential nutrients.

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