For silky smooth skin, simply exfoliate with 100% natural Feggari Peeling Glove.

Use the Feggari Peeling exfoliating glove to rejuvenate old tired skin. As you massage, you can actually see the residue of dull, devitalized skin being removed.


Feggari Peeling Exfoliating Glove

  • How to use:

    1. Soften your skin by bathing or showering with body wash and warm water.

    2. Rinse skin thoroughly to remove all soap from the skin

    3. Wet your Feggari Peeling glove and squeeze out excess water. The glove should be used on wet skin but not running water.

    4. Masage in verticle direction, start off with gentle strokes, then apply pressure as required.

    5. Rinse your glove thorough;y after each use and hang up to dry